I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some amazingly talented writers in the past. It’s allowed me for many opportunities to read outside my comfort zone and enjoy books I normally wouldn’t take a second glance at.

Here are some notable mentions of my work as a reviewer:

I came across this wonderful novel via NetGallery. I fell head over heels in love with the plot and author’s voice and I wrote a review about it. Months later, I was contacted – my review was going to be in the paperback edition of the novel, next to authors like Stephen King. This will forever be one of my proudest achievements. If you haven’t read BRUTAL YOUTH yet, I suggest stopping into your local Chapters ASAP.


I fell in love with this creepy over the top novel. A voice like no other, Kepnes writes in a way that genuinely terrifies the reader. I wrote a review about it and how brutally awesome this novel was and it just happened to wind up in the British paperback edition of the novel. Seriously, a must read. 


I won this novel (thank you, Chapters) and devoured it within a week. Singlehandedly one of my favourite novels of the past 5 years, a definite must read for anyone who loves classic ‘film-noir’ murder mysteries. Here’s my review plastered on Pessel’s website.