Welcome to chic.reads!


When I was a child, I fell in love with books.

I was very young when I picked up my first novel and I have yet to put them down. The written word has always been able to transport me to a different place: a Babysitters club meeting to Hogwarts to early 20th Century Geisha Japan to high fashion Manhattan to the deep inner thoughts of a psychopath. I’ve been to all these places through the comfort of the written word.

Around two years ago, I put my love of the written word out into the world. I created my own website entitled chic.toronto where I could express my thoughts and opinions on a variety of different issues – beauty, health, style, and of course, books. Two years went by, and the mojo of writing about lipsticks and beauty events slowed drained out of me … but my love of novels prevailed. While I took a break from my website, I still kept up with my reading and reviews for publishers.

So here I am now – April 2016, and while I still don’t have the mojo to write about beauty and style anymore, I do have the mojo to write about books.

Here is chic.reads – a sister site, if you will, to chic.toronto that is targeted towards all those fashionable readers who would rather spend their lunch hour with a sandwich and Elizabeth and Darcy, their Friday night with a wine glass and Holden Caulfield, and their Sunday afternoon with a cup of tea and Katniss. Happy reading.

– A