permanent marker by aimee ross

permanent marker

“Maybe I wasn’t really losing it. Maybe I just needed some help.”

PERMANENT MARKER by Aimee Ross starts with a fantastic opening – one that reeled me in immediately and made me want to dive into this memoir. I’m certainly glad that I did!

RELEASE DATE: March 2018

PUBLISHER: Kicam Projects

DISCLAIMER: Novel sent in exchange for a honest review

SYNOPSIS: Aimee Ross was living a perfectly normal life raising three kids, married to her high school sweetheart, and teaching at her high school alma mater. Life was perfect–right until it wasn’t. Unhappy in her marriage, Aimee asked for a divorce. Three days later, she suffered a heart attack at age forty-one. Five months after that, she survived a near-fatal car crash caused by an intoxicated driver. Her physical recovery took months and left her body marked by scars. The emotional recovery, though, would take longer, as Aimee sought to forgive the man who almost killed her–and to forgive herself for tearing apart her family.

REVIEW: The novel opens with one line.

“The Trifecta of Shit”.

They always say that bad things come in threes. I can’t be the only one in which this happens. In Ross’ case, her trifecta of shit was really really bad. Within 6 months, Ross has ended her marriage, suffered a heart attack, and been in a catastrophic accident that leaves her on the precipice of death. Her ‘trifecta of shit’ is the real. deal.

Overall, this is a great memoir that truly brings to life the worst time of Ross’ life. It would be hard for most people to even speak of the things that Ross went through, let alone write them for the world to read. This read it very real – it speaks to the mindset of someone who has gone through something cataclysmic and came out alive on the other end. Emotions of guilt, relief, pain, and eventually, happiness are peppered in throughout the story and give a great perspective of Ross’ mindset during her long road to recovery.

The concept of scars runs through the entire memoir. Ross is left heavily scarred from her encounters – both physically and mentally. She pays equal attention to the fact that her body and her mindset are not the same after the accident. Healing – both of the physical and the mental – take centre stage here and Ross does a good job of letting the audience know that both forms of healing is not instantaneous.

One thing – I was hoping for a little more indepth as to why Ross’ first marriage ended. While it does get touched upon slightly (hello, midlife crisis much?), I felt that there was additional reasoning at the core of this plot point. For something that is essentially the catalyst of this narrative, I was hoping more time would be spent on it.

Overall, an excellent memoir by a great voice.

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